dr. Azad

Dr. Z. Azad

"Your brain resolves the most complex issues of your life, and we fix the most complex brains.”

About Dr. (Prof) Z. Azad

Dr. (Prof) Z. Azad is a highly experienced and passionate Neurologist with extensive expertise in Neurosciences and healthcare unit operations. As the Chief Consultant Neurologist and Managing Director of Medaz Hospital (A Neuro & Multispecialty Centre) in Patna, Bihar, he leads the way in providing exceptional neurological care to patients. Dr. Azad also holds the prestigious position of Professor & Head of the Department of Neurology at NMCH, Patna.

With a distinguished background that includes a D.M (Neurology) from the renowned institute CMC Vellore, Dr. Azad has emerged as a top-notch Super Specialist in Neurology. Over the course of 15 years, he has excelled as a teacher and faculty member in esteemed institutions like CMC Vellore and NMCH Patna. Dr. Azad’s expertise is widely recognized, with numerous articles and research papers published in various National and International Journals.

Dr. Azad commenced his career at the esteemed Neurology Clinic, Hope Neuro Care Centre, located in Kankar Bagh, Patna. Through years of dedicated service to the community, he realized the pressing need for a dedicated Neuroscience Centre in Patna, catering to the people of Bihar and surrounding states.

With his wealth of knowledge and experience, Dr. (Prof) Z. Azad is committed to bringing advanced neurological care to the region. As a renowned Neurologist, his expertise covers such as headaches, epilepsy, seizures, stroke, brain tumour, brain surgery, and more. Through Medaz Hospital, Dr. Azad aims to provide comprehensive, cutting-edge neurological treatments and services to patients in need.

By establishing Medaz Hospital as a specialized Neurosciences Centre, Dr. Azad ensures that the people of Bihar have access to the highest quality neurological care. His dedication to improving healthcare in the region is unwavering, and his expertise makes him a trusted authority in the field of Neurology.