The Neurochemistry Department at Medaz Hospital is a specialized unit that deals with the study of the chemical processes that occur within the nervous system. The department is comprised of experts in the field of neuroscience who use advanced techniques and technologies to understand the role of various neurotransmitters and their functions in various disorders such as depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia.

The department offers a wide range of services, including the diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders, as well as research into the underlying mechanisms of these disorders. The team uses various techniques such as brain imaging, neuropsychological testing, and blood and cerebrospinal fluid analysis to diagnose and treat neurological conditions.

The Neurochemistry Department also collaborates with other departments within the hospital to provide a comprehensive approach to patient care. This includes working with the Neurology Department, the Psychiatry Department, and the Neurosurgery Department to provide a full range of diagnostic and therapeutic services.

The department is committed to providing the highest quality care to patients and is constantly updating and improving its services to ensure that patients receive the latest and most advanced treatments available.

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