Pharmacy services offered by Medaz Hospital:

  • Dispensing medications: The hospital pharmacy is responsible for preparing and dispensing medications prescribed by physicians.
  • Medication therapy management: The hospital pharmacy staff can work with physicians to review and adjust medication regimens to optimize patient outcomes.
  • Patient counseling: The hospital pharmacy staff may provide patients with information about their medications, including side effects, proper dosing, and administration.
  • Medication storage and management: The pharmacy staff is responsible for the secure storage and management of all medications within the hospital.
  • Medication compounding: The pharmacy may prepare specialized medications that are not commercially available or that need to be tailored to individual patient needs.
  • Medication education: The pharmacy staff may provide education and training to other hospital staff on the proper use and administration of medications.
  • Medication reconciliation: The pharmacy staff may review and reconcile patient medication lists to ensure accuracy and prevent medication errors.

It is important to note that the specific pharmacy services offered by a hospital may vary depending on the hospital’s size, resources, and patient population.

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