Medaz Hospital has launched its new and advanced modular operation theatre. This operation theatre is designed keeping in mind the latest advancements in medical technology and patient comfort. The modular design of the theatre allows for easy maintenance and quick updates to be made as medical technology evolves.

Ultramodern Modular OT

The theatre is equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and machines, such as high-end surgical lights, advanced anesthesia machines, and the latest monitoring systems. The entire operating room is controlled by a central management system that ensures efficient and effective patient care.

The theatre is also designed with the utmost concern for patient safety. The operating room is equipped with a laminar flow system that provides a sterile environment for the patient during surgery. The flooring is made of antistatic materials to prevent the buildup of static electricity and minimize the risk of fire.

The operation theatre is designed for maximum comfort for both patients and healthcare professionals. The room is spacious and well-lit, providing a calm and relaxed environment for patients before and after surgery. The surgical lights are adjustable and can be positioned to provide the best view for the surgeon.

The modular operation theatre at Medaz Hospital is a testament to the hospital’s commitment to providing the best possible care to its patients. With its advanced technology and design, the theatre is set to become a leading example in modern healthcare facilities.

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