Neuro Radiology & Intervention Department of Medaz Hospital is a specialized unit dedicated to providing imaging and interventional procedures for patients with neurological conditions.

The department is equipped with the latest technology and imaging equipment, including advanced MRI and CT scanners, to diagnose and treat conditions affecting the brain and spinal cord. The team of neuro-radiologists, neurosurgeons, and interventional radiologists are experts in their field and work together to provide a comprehensive range of diagnostic and therapeutic services to patients. The department offers a full range of neuro-interventional procedures, including endovascular treatments for stroke, embolization for brain and spinal tumors, and vertebral augmentation for fractures. The team also provides image-guided procedures for pain management, spinal injections, and other interventional procedures.

The department aims to provide high-quality, patient-centered care in a compassionate and supportive environment.

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