Responsibilities of Patient

Patients play a crucial role in their own healthcare and have a responsibility to actively participate in their treatment and recovery. Here are some of the patient’s responsibilities at Medaz Hospital:

  • Patients and their attendants should respect the policies of the hospital, and staff, care for its property, and also the right of other patients.
  • All patients and their attendants must carry and eat only vegetarian food in the cafeteria.
  • Eatables are not allowed in the OPD section, Reception/Helpdesk, OT area, and Emergency section.
  • Patients are requested to not take any eatables for patients from outside in hospital as it may cause infection.
  • No one is permitted to smoke in hospital premises.
Responsibilities of Patient
  • For better treatment and diagnosis, the patient is requested to give accurate information about medical history, symptoms, present medication, and other information without hesitating. We will protect your privacy in every situation.
  • Inquiring about the patient’s health status and improvement.
  • Must ask about the consequences in case they do not follow the words of practitioners.
  • Informing the consultant about the improvement, especially in pain and symptoms of patients.
  • Informing about the safety and security of patients.

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